the robbins

What is more innocent and precious than a newborn?

At five weeks old, Asher encapsulates years of hopes and dreams and the boundless potential to make an impact in the world and in the lives of those around him.

It’s taken Joanna and Jared their entire lives, thus far, to see Asher in today’s moments. It is years of personal growth, wisdom and maturity, joys and celebrations, and tears and love to bring them to the moment where they are now as a family of three.

There are so many things he has in store for him – beauty to create, hearts to touch, and people to meet who have loved him from the beginning.

But for now, they’ll take their journey a step at a time together as a family, with Joanna’s strength and beauty, Jared’s resourcefulness and creativity (he renovated and re-created their entire house!), and Asher’s reminder that no matter what we’ve faced, there are lights that can redeem all.


You can find more information about Jared’s custom furniture design services at

I shot this session with my lovely Clara, whose adventures and insights can be inspiringly viewed at

Joanna Robbins - The photos are Beautiful!!! Thank you so much Daniel & Clara!! You guys are truely talented photographersOctober 28, 2015 – 10:42 am

Clara Hutzler - Thank you Joanna and Jared for giving us the opportunity to shoot Asher! I can’t wait to see my nephew grow up and capture more of these beautiful moments with Daniel.October 28, 2015 – 2:25 pm

Chari Bullock - Cutie. All of you. Hope to meet Asher soon.October 28, 2015 – 3:40 pm

Denise Moore - Beautiful pictures!!October 28, 2015 – 5:01 pm

Andrea Celeste - awwww these are so beautiful :DDD I love the one where hes peeking from over your shoulder Joanna, its perfect.October 28, 2015 – 5:45 pm

natalie + aaron: an orange county wedding

I couldn’t help but be swept up in Natalie and Aaron’s story. It’s a story of pursuit, patience, and love. There was a perfect mixture of sun and clouds, as well as friends and family. Their love was certainly reflected in the emotions and tears that so beautifully painted the day.

No matter where we went, their smiles and their love stole the scene.


Clara Hutzler - beautiful work!June 30, 2015 – 12:59 am

Nathalie Morales Lim - Wonderful photos! Love the details and how you captured the mood!August 10, 2015 – 7:59 pm

a moment

A photograph is a tip of a symbolic iceberg. These remind me of the chill in the air, the scent of dirt and moss and morning moisture, the way the sound of the lone breeze echoed in the stillness of my soul. It reminds me of the burned-out brambles and outstretched twigs leaving their sooty imprints on my clothes, the way the rocks and dirt crunched beneath every step.

I took some photos.

I left a part of me there, continually drawing upon that memory until its gradual melting into a nebulous ocean of impressions.

You had to be there.